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About Us

We are a non-profit association of specialsts in various fields connected to World Heritage protection and managment. To achieve its goal, IAWHP e.V. undertakes the following activities:

  • establishing and maintaining professional networks between BTU’s World Heritage Studies Alumni and other heritage professionals;
  • acting as a think-tank for developing innovative approaches towards the protection, conservation and management of the material and immaterial aspects of cultural and natural heritage;
  • encouraging, planning and implementing joint research as well as other projects whose goals correspond to those of the association;
  • making the knowledge of its members available to existing and potential World Heritage Sites as well as other related institutions and actors;
  • creating a database of information concerning the protection of heritage sites worldwide as well as other relevant conferences, educational opportunities and job offers for the benefit of its members; and
  • informally assisting and advising students of the World Heritage Studies Master’s Programme at Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU) Cottbus in reaching their study objectives and their entry into the workforce.

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