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Welcome to IAWHP e.V.’s membership page. Here you will find everything you need to know about how to become a member, how to renew your membership and what benefits membership offers.

Member Benefits

Access to a large network of like-minded heritage professionals

Information about upcoming conferences and events

Funding opportunities to attend IAWHP e.V. conferences and symposiums

A vote to choose the Board of Directors (1 vote per member)

Approval to use “IAWHP e.V” and/or “International Association of World Heritage Professionals e.V.” as a professional affiliation (i.e. on business cards, resume, etc.)

Becoming a Member

Membership* of IAWHP e.V. is open to

  • Alumni of the World Heritage Studies Programme of the Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU) Cottbus
  • Alumni of any other related Master’s or Doctorate level academic programme related to the protection, management and interpretation of heritage in its many forms regardless of professional and/or academic background.
  • Professionals directly involved in the protection, management and interpretation of heritage its many forms, regardless of academic background, particularly those who work with World Heritage as defined by the UNESCO World Heritage Convention.

To become a member, fill out the application form and pay the membership fee.

Once the membership application and membership fee have been received, your application will be reviewed by the Board. Once approved, you will receive an official membership confirmation letter along with your membership number.

Should your application not be accepted you will be notified and the fee will be refunded.

Renewing your Membership

If you are already a member and you wish to renew your membership please fill out the renewal form and transfer the annual membership fee to our account. Once your renewal form and payment have been received you will be notified and issued an updated membership confirmation letter.

* Membership can be vetoed by the Board if the applicant is not found suitable (IAWHP e.V. Statutes § 4 para.2).

Note: IAWHP e.V. is officially registered as a non-profit organisation in accordance with German Law with its headquarters in Cottbus, Germany (Registration Number: VR 4872 CB). For further information about the Association’s aims and functions please refer to IAWHP e.V. Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and IAWHP e.V. Statutes

If you have any further membership related queries you can e-mail them to us at:

members[at]iawhp.com or fill out our Contact Us form.

Welcome[SP1] to IAWHP e.V.’s membership page! Here you will find everything you need to know about how to become a member, how to renew your membership and what benefits we offer our members. 

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